The MFN-run data center facility has 35,000 square feet. Disaster recovery is facilitated by two redundant secondary sites. Comprehensive backups are performed nightly to both sites. The data center is built upon multiple dedicated OC192 back bone and uses redundant power and network architecture, sophisticated and multi-faceted security systems, and high-tech fire suppression. A highly trained staff is available on site 24x7.

Amenities | Network Architecture | Fire Suppression | Power Supply | Security Systems | Qualified Staff

  • Reinforced Concrete Masonry with Brick
  • State of the art 19"& 23" Wright Line cabinets
  • Each cabinet is equipped with 2-110v, 20-amp redundant circuits along with 2 power strips containing 8 receptacles each
  • 10/100 FE line of GigE line as needed

    Network Architecture

  • Multiple OC 192's, 48's going to various cities
  • Redundant paths into the building allow for fail over
  • MFN owns 1 AS number thus international transit is not seen as a network hop

    Fire Suppression

  • VESDA system detects and dry action piping
  • Pre action water system (no water in pipes)
  • Zoned sprinkler heads work independently
  • Air sampler system for smoke monitoring; upon smoke detection, water will begin flowing through the pipes.
  • Once the heat melts the specific sprinkler tip (165 degrees) the water will be dispersed

    Power Supply

  • Multiple Diesel Generators
  • Inertial Flywheel during change to backup power

    Security Systems

  • 24/7 Security on site
  • CCTV cameras used to monitor internal and external activities
  • Data Center activity is stored on tape
  • All persons entering must show government issued picture ID. Picture and name cross checked with Access List
  • On-site key control system to manage access to customer cabinets

    Qualified Staff

  • Network Engineers are certified with CISCO switching and routing architectures
  • Level I highly skilled SST included and on site 24x7
  • Technical expertise and certifications on multiple OS, Firewalls, Databases, networking and monitoring platforms
  • Remote monitoring through multiple NOC's ensure constant customer connectivity to the backbone
  • Call center available 24/7

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