eSpoc's patented algorithms, effective infrastructure, and suite of Straight Through Processing products connect and reconcile complex data across thousands of participants. eSpoc products span the spectrum of CRM and billing applications and uniquely offer functionality and reliability of leading software packages at a fraction of price. Visit the following sites to see examples of eSpoc products:

  • TrackLogix - Request Tracking Technology - Track work orders, projects, sales, client inquiries, and manage service quality. Web-based, context-based search, workbench, individual profiles, calendar, drill-in, heatmaps. Use all of these services without spending a dime on software or the data center at $25/user.
    Visit the Tracklogix website or view a Flash demo of the TrackLogix concept.

  • Vericle® - Medical Billing Technology - comprehensive web-based Medical Practice Management System
    Vericle features fully integrated online claim management, which ties together health care providers, insurance companies, billers, and clearing houses. It includes financial practice management reports, upfront claim validation, real-time claim and payer message reconciliations, workflow engine, patient scheduling, customizable online super-bills, and patient financial and medical history.
    Visit the Vericle website, view a Flash demo of the Vericle concept, or visit the Affinity Billing website, operating solely on Vericle technology.

  • Affinity - Profitability Management Technology for Securities Industry - a system for incentive-driven management of client profitability, customer relationship, and sales. Click here to download a powerpoint presentation describing the new paradigm of integrated CRM and fee management software.

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