Computer security and privacy are key concerns in Financial Services, especially in applications involving data exchange between multiple business partners and data reconciliations. eSpoc® has established leadership in this field by patenting its invention for a system and method for securely transmitting, searching, and storing data.

Specifically, conventional systems and methods suffer from at least four deficiencies:
To meet the challenges above, eSpoc® has invented technology which elevates the security standards across all digital media and prevents compromising data (e.g., investment portfolio, client account, or patient data) in case of unauthorized access to the server. Moreover, eSpoc® method combines security and privacy protection without impeding data processing performance or conventional query scope in a relational database.

To ensure security on the client side of a communication network, eSpoc® system and method double encrypt sensitive data and single encrypt non-sensitive data. eSpoc® also searches for user information to find the information for the user in a database knowing only a minimal amount of detail about that user. Privacy and security is provided without impeding performance or compromising any of the standard database search functionality. Capitalizing on the difference in privacy requirements between users, eSpoc® minimizes the number of keys required to access sensitive data by using a single key for each user (e.g., a client) and two keys for other users (e.g., service providers).

Visit www.uspto.gov or press this link (US 6,785,810), Aug 31 2004, Lirov et al.

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